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Choosing an orthodontist is a big decision, as orthodontic treatment can have a lasting impact on your oral health and overall well-being. Finding a qualified and experienced orthodontist you can trust and work with is vital before embarking on any orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontists in Darwen aim to make you feel comfortable and well looked after throughout any treatment or procedure. 

To ensure you make the right choice, here are ten essential questions you should ask before selecting an orthodontist.

  1. Are you an orthodontist or a dentist? The first and most critical question to ask is about their professional background. Orthodontists are specialists who have undergone extensive postgraduate training in orthodontics beyond their Bachelor of Dentistry degree. Dentists may offer orthodontic treatment but need more specialised training and experience of dedicated orthodontists.
  2. Are you registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist? A reputable orthodontist should be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) as a specialist in orthodontics. This registration ensures they meet the necessary standards and qualifications to provide orthodontic care.
  3. What qualifications do they have? To become an orthodontist, a dentist must complete three years of postgraduate study in orthodontics after their dental degree. Verify their credentials to ensure they have the qualifications to handle your treatment effectively.
  4. What professional memberships do you have? Membership in professional organisations, such as the British Orthodontic Society, indicates that the orthodontist is committed to staying updated with the latest advancements and best practices.
  5. How many years of experience do you have? Experience matters when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Inquire about the orthodontist’s years of experience and any particular areas of interest they may have, especially if you are considering specific treatments like Invisalign.
  6. Who will be assisting you with my treatment? Orthodontists work with a team of professionals to deliver comprehensive care. Ask about the supporting team, including orthodontic therapists, dental nurses, and treatment coordinators, and understand their roles in your treatment.
  7. What qualifications does the team have? It’s essential to know that everyone involved in your treatment is qualified and registered with the GDC. Inquire about the qualifications and credentials of the supporting team members.
  8. Can I see some examples of your work? Reviewing before and after photos of previous patients can give you insights into the quality of the orthodontist’s work. Reading testimonials from former patients can also help you gauge their satisfaction and treatment experience.
  9. What follow-up care do you provide? Reputable orthodontists prioritise their patients’ well-being and offer comprehensive follow-up care after treatment. Inquire about their approach to post-treatment care and retention, as this indicates the level of care and support you can expect.
  10. Which dentists do you work with? While a referral from your dentist is not necessary for orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist and dentist need to maintain open communication. Ensure your orthodontist is willing to collaborate with your dentist to ensure the best possible outcomes for your overall oral health.

Choosing the right orthodontist is vital to achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. By asking these ten essential questions, you can make an informed decision and find an experienced orthodontist who will provide the best care and support throughout your orthodontic journey. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Darwen, contact Darwen Orthodontics at 01254 775165 to book your initial consultation today.

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