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You may be nearing the end of your Invisalign treatment, if you are then congratulations on putting the time and effort into enhancing your smile and oral health. Depending on the severity of your misalignments, you may have worn your Invisalign for only a short while or you could be coming to the end of a long stretch of vigorous dental care and attention. Either way, what happens at the end of Invisalign is sometimes a mystery, so we’re here to dispel the myths and help you build an aftercare plan that keeps your smile beaming.

You’ve Almost Finished Your Invisalign Treatment, What’s Next?

It’s important to remember, before entering Invisalign treatment that misalignments are unique to the individual, and due to this everyone’s length of treatment and treatment itself will differ. Some people may find that they need only their aligners to create their perfect smile, over 12 months. Others with more severe dental issues may find they need extra attachments with their Invisalign aligners and may need to wear them a lot longer.

Regardless of the ins and outs of your Invisalign treatment, what happens next should generally remain the same.


Customer and Orthodontist Satisfaction.

The first and most important assessment to make at the end of your Invisalign treatment is whether you are happy with your results and whether your orthodontist is happy with your results. The path your teeth will take is mapped out before treatment begins, but sometimes teeth can veer off course, so your bite may need a little refinement. It is at this stage in your treatment that you should raise any concerns you have as it may be that more aligners are needed to tweak areas, you’re unhappy with. 


Thorough Cleaning.

If both you and your orthodontist are happy with the position of your teeth, then it is at this stage any composite attachments that were required throughout your treatment are removed and your teeth are thoroughly polished. A little tip we can offer is that at this point it is great to schedule a cleaning with your hygienist, as a full clean and polish can make your newly positioned teeth feel fresh.


Enhancing Your Smile.

Once your teeth have been cleaned and polished, this is the stage where many ask about enhancements, such as whitening, composite bonding, veneers, or implants. Composite bonding may be used to correct chipped or worn edges of the teeth or to enhance the shape of the teeth. The back teeth can also be enhanced to equilibrate the bite, ensuring that it is balanced on both sides. If you wanted veneers or crowns fitted this is usually done before undergoing whitening. Whitening is the final step in smile enhancements and can set off your newly straightened, polished, and cleaned teeth so they shine.

Your Retainers.

At this stage, you will need to have another scan taken using the iTero scanner to make your retainer sets. There are many types of retainers to choose from, including fixed and removable retainers, and here at your specialist orthodontist in Darwen, we recommend using your retainer for at least a year, during the evenings and overnight. Retention is key to ensuring that your teeth do not move back to their old positions. If you find that you go a long time without wearing your retainers then they may not fit as well or possibly at all, so it is at this point that you may need to resume Invisalign treatment, which can be costly and time-consuming. If you feel you may struggle with remembering to wear your retainer then we may discuss a fixed retainer with you, which is a metal wire bonded to the back of the front 6 teeth. This can alleviate the issue of forgetting but they are trickier to clean, and you will need to see a hygienist more regularly.


Long-Term Adjustments and Benefits of Invisalign

When you’re coming to the end of your treatment, your orthodontist will likely discuss the above options with you and plan accordingly. It is important to note what you may want so they have tools and resources available. It is also important to remember that beyond the aesthetic benefits, properly aligned teeth contribute to better oral health and overall well-being. Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Additionally, a well-aligned bite can alleviate issues such as jaw pain and headaches, providing long-term health benefits.


Seeking Invisalign in Darwen, Blackburn?

At Darwen Orthodontists, we are a team of friendly, passionate, and enthusiastic professionals who work toward providing the best orthodontic service, whether you’re looking to get orthodontic treatment for children or adults. If you are searching for Invisalign in Darwen to fix your dental misalignments, your expert orthodontist in Darwen is here to help.

Contact us today to book your free consultation with a specialist orthodontist in Darwen and see how Invisalign could help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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